Crimson Sword Saga: The Peloran Wars

Crimson Sword Saga: The Peloran Wars Available on Steam Jan 06, 2017

About This Game

Gameplay :

Enjoy a dark, deep and engaging story full of twists, betrayals and moral decisions. Form a party of heroes from a pool of over 93 unique classes. Battle your way through to achieve peace on the continent of Pelora... or destroy it. Face more than 500 unique enemies and choose your friends, foes and factions. Interact with different characters, influence their fate and discover many secrets and wonders on your journey.

Try the Crimson Sword Saga: The Peloran Wars for free. Download the five-chapter game demo! Just click the "Visit the website" link in the right sidebar and download the demo from the post titled "Demo and Game Updates"!

Story :

Times are hard in Pelora. Queen Jezebel rules the island of Belsar with an iron fist, aided by the relentless Empire. The brother-kings Kalan and Abel oppose the Empire on the mainland, but with few troops, their resistance is soon to falter. And there are rumors that the ancient cult of Brax has risen again to stir dark magics.

But there is hope. The Belsarian people, desperate for justice, rally around an unlikely revolutionary leader: Rachel. She is Achab's illegitimate daughter. And at her side rise heroes brimming with courage, power and resolve.

Will Rachel defeat her stepmother and free her country? And what of Brax and the Empire? Only you can answer these questions.

Features :

- Fast, turn-based combatĀ 

- 57 unique characters

- Customizable class system

- Over 180 spells and abilities

- More than 500 enemies

- Over 80 distinctive songs

- Many options to suit many different playstyles

- 74 chapters

- A branching, unforgettable storyline.

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